Working with Partners WHO Collaborating Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Working with Partners

As road safety is a larger multi-factorial issue, a multi-sectoral response is the need of the hour. The centre works actively with professional organizations – ministries of health, transport, police, urban development, local municipal bodies, education, media and infrastructure agencies at local, national and international levels to facilitate a larger multi-sectoral approach to road safety. Annual stakeholder consultations are organized by the Centre bringing in professionals from various disciplines to jointly address road safety issues. 

The centre has worked very closely with  expert working group of the planning commission (Government of India), National Human Rights Commission (Government of India) Expert committee set up by the Ministry of Transport to develop directorate of road safety: Karnataka road safety council; Bangalore city road safety council, expert committees of WHO, national and international academic partners and other international agencies, number of civil society groups within and outside India to promote road safety on a more scientific and systematic basis.