Posters- Mind Space

Posters- Mind Space

Sl. No.Poster headingCaption
1Drinking impairs judgmentDrinking damages the brain and increases the chance of head injury due to reckless driving.
2Reckless driving and over speedingOver speeding, dangerous stunts, and negligence may put your life at risk.
3Depression…. Let’s talkStart talking, depression is treatable.
4Epilepsy ManagementManaging Epilepsy in children.
5First Aid EpilepsyFirst aid in Epilepsy. 
6Care about your mental healthSeek help, get support, receive solutions.
7Features of Mental DisorderIf anybody in your community has any of these behaviors, the doctors in the district can help.
8Mental exercise- exercise your brain-KannadaTaking up mental exercises can help maintain a healthy frame of mind.
9Mental illness Mental illness can be treated. Contact your doctor now.
10Organ donationAnyone can be an organ donor, young or old.
11Fed up of lifeOpen up to possibilities that life could offer
12 Let’s make our campus ragging freeThe environment around us can be encouraging and safe for everyone.
13Understanding Schizophrenia-KannadaSymptoms of Schizophrenia and recovery process
14Understanding Schizophrenia-EnglishSymptoms of Schizophrenia and recovery process
15Mental exercise- exercise your brain-EnglishTaking up mental exercises can help maintain a healthy frame of mind.
16StrokeUnderstanding stroke, treatments and prevention measures.
17First aid for mental healthTaking care of mental health for caregivers and patients.
18Quitting TobaccoWays to withdraw from Tobacco addiction to quit the habit eventually.
19Suicide preventionSuicide is preventable, seek help by reaching out to mental health professionals.


World Mental Health day 2020-Posters



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Mental health for LGBTQ

LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) represents a diverse set of groups and subgroups, with unique assets and gifts.


World metal health day 2020 

MENTAL HEALTH FOR ALL: Greater Investment, Greater Access for everyone.


Mental health care act

The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, aims to provide legal rights to mental health care to 1.3 billion Indians.


Mental wellbeing

Anything causing stress can disturb our mental well-being.


Workplace stress management

Management of stress at workplace should not be the responsibility of the individual employees only, but the company’s responsibility too.


Mental Health in prisons

Reducing the stigma for both mental illnesses and prisoners at individual and community levels


District Mental Health Program

The District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) aims to provide sustainable mental health services through the development of rural primary care development and establishment of training programmes


Ayushman Bharath

Comprehensive Primary Health Care through Health and Wellness Centers