Places to Visit on Campus

Places to visit on campus

Library –The Library and Information Centre in the Academic Campus is by the side of the Director’s Office and boasts a reference section as well as a borrowing section. The library also has wi-fi with access to all available e-journals. Also, present is a photocopy shop for when you need copies at admission or exam time.


New Kabini Hostel – Located right beside the Hostel Mess is the New Kabini Hostel, one of the two hostels in the Hospital Campus with single rooms for everyone – our home away from home.

OPD Block – this is where you’ll spend a lot of time when not in the wards. The OPD block also has a canteen with colourful chairs for when you take a coffee break.


Psychiatry Department Block – this is where you start your journey towards the wards and the Lecture Hall here is a site for many academic activities at the unit level.

Gymkhana – The Gymkhana has modern exercise equipment for when you need to work out and take a break from the running around during work hours.

The Coffee Shop – Situated in a space between the wards, the famous coffee shop run by the popular Nagaraj “anna” is a great place to have coffee in between rounds, or a ‘samosa burger’ on days when you haven’t found time for breakfast and need to grab a quick bite.

The Gardens – The beautiful gardens spread out in the quadrangle between the wards are where you’ll walk and sometimes, sprint through between ward-work and academic sessions. But don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, sometimes!

Holi & Diwali in the hostels – But worry not, it’s not all work and no play! We do celebrate our festivals with much gusto!