Center for Public Health

Centre for Public Health

The Centre for Public Health was established at NIMHANS to provide strong inputs for strengthening public health components in formulating policies and program development focusing on problems, priorities, challenges and solutions in the areas of mental health, neurological sciences, substance use and behavioral disorders and injuries as well as other NCDs. The major spheres of influence and domains of activities would be public health research, human resource development, advocacy apart from development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs.

A two-year Master of Public Health (MPH) course was started with effect from the academic year 2013-14. The CPH has the expertise to plan and conduct large scale epidemiological studies, undertake operational research (feasibility of public health programs, evaluate health interventions, etc.,), establish health surveillance, disease registries, monitor community based interventions, undertake systematic reviews and meta-analysis, support policy analysis as well as guide and advise on program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at regional, national and international levels. A district level field practice area with a population of 2 to 2.5 million will soon be initiated, which would enable an in-depth examination of the dynamics of the functioning of health services, help us understand determinants of health, provide macro and micro level analyses of health situations and events and serve as a observatory for health managers public health students and researchers.

The CPH offers excellent opportunities for researchers, academicians and policy analysts to address emerging problems. Apart from a large hospital facility that caters to about 5,00,000 patients per year, the department has well established facilities like lecture halls with audio-visual aids, a public health laboratory, demonstration rooms, conference room and several small group discussion rooms. Along with several work stations, standard statistical software is available for data analysis and data presentation. The department also maintains e-databases of several population and hospital-based research programs along with the main Library and Information Centre at NIMHANS. A Public Health Observatory at Kolar district with a population of 1.5 million has been initiated, which provides opportunity for in-depth examination and understanding of the determinants, dynamics of functioning of health services, provides macro and micro level analysis of health situation and events, specifically focused on MNSuDI disorders.

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