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These manuals are intended to initiate a process of learning that empowers people to make informed choices. They also educate people about prevention, care and/or treatment of various health issues for a better understanding in a comprehensive manner.

1Immediate Care for Psychological Events and Emergencies in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic.All of us are facing this COVID-19 pandemic crisis situation with concerns about protecting oneself and their families. Moreover, there is stigma and misconceptions associated with the pandemic, which can even cause a delay in help seeking. Thus, many individuals continue to suffer silently, which increases their risk for developing a mental health issue. Thus, it is of utmost importance to gain the knowledge and skills to provide immediate care, as a first-hand support to people with mental health issues, during pandemic crisis.
2Bipolar Disorder (English)The term “bipolar” refers to the way your mood can change between two very different states mania and depression. It is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. They are different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time. These changes are episodic in nature and the range of mood changes can be extreme, with the episodes being of two opposite polarities i.e., manic & depressive episodes. Therefore, this will help you understand it’s causes, nature, treatment and identifying warning signs to prevent relapse.
3Immediate Care for Psychological and emotional events and emergencisThere is a need to provide immediate care because myths and misconceptions are prevalent about mental illness. This might prevent people from talking about any mental health issue which may further lead to delay in help seeking behaviour. Hence, it is of outmost importance to find ways of improving the general public’s knowledge and skills to provide first hand support to people with mental health problems. Therefore, this manual is a guide to- why do we need to provide immediate care?, who can be a mental health first aider, how can one go about it first and Aider Burnout.
4Geriatric Clinic and Services, Mental Health and Well-being of ElderlyAging is a process. People age differently and experience aging differently based on heredity, lifestyle and attitudes. Aging also refers to change – physical, psychological, relationships, social, environment, situation, behavior, spiritual, and intellectual. During this process of change, there are many mental health and related challenges to be faced on a day-to-day basis including social and emotional ones and this manual is a resource book into these challenges and ways of coping.

Epilepsy: A guide for Teachers

Epilepsy: A Guide for Teachers, developed by Dr. Meena K.S, Dr. Prakashi Rajaram, Dr. Marimuthu P, Dr. Kannappa Setty.

The Guide is developed for teachers to understand what Epliepsy is and how to differentiate between one type of seizure from another. Most importantly how to respond to a seizure, as most of the teachers are not equipped to deal with such situations. This guide is an amalgamation of many such other questions related to Epilepsy.RF


Anxiety: Comic Strips

A Comic book on Anxiety was developed by Pravitha M R, fellowship student, batch of 2019-20. The Comic focuses on making children understand and identity anxiety on their own. It thus follows a story line and pictorial representation. What is Anxiety and how it can be treated is mentioned in the comic.