Neurological Rehabilitaion

The Department of Neurological Rehabilitation runs outpatient and inpatient services. The outpatient services for both new and review patients are functional six days a week. The patients from all parts of India and abroad are coming for neurological rehabilitation. The average number of newly registered patients in the OPD is approximately 8000 per year while the number of follow-up patients is more than 1100 per year. The neurological rehabilitation ward is a 22-bed facility with 12 male and 10 female & paediatric beds. On an average 200 patients are admitted each year with a mean hospital stay of four weeks.

The Department of Neurological Rehabilitation is running neuromuscular clinic in association with the Department of Neurology on every 4th Saturday of the month. A team of consultant along with resident doctors and paramedical staff (physiotherapist, occupational therapist and orthotist) takes care of the rehabilitation needs of the patients with neuromuscular disorders. Annually around 400 patients are benefitted from these services.

We are aslo part of team of Neuropathy clinic being run by the department of Neurology on every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

Other facilities available are

  • Urodynamic laboratory- for research and management of patients with neurogenic bladder
  • Gait Analysis laboratory
  • Balance Assessment & training
  • Gait training including Body weight support treadmill training
  • Hand Robot
  • Computer-based cognitive assessment & training
  • Virtual reality rehabilitation.