Hostel Facilities

Cauvery Hostel

Cauvery Hostel was inaugurated in September 1989 by Sri. Rafique Alam, then Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare. An additional floor was added in 2013.


Accomodation is for female students from non-medical streams doing their PhD, Mphil ,Msc or Diploma courses..

Female trainees from other institutes who are visiting NIMHANS for a short duration (one month or more) can apply for hostel stay, based on availability. permitted in the hostel according to the availability of beds.


The hostel has 110 rooms of varying sizes, both single and double occupancy and can accommodate 179 trainees. Most rooms have attached bathrooms.

  • Mess facility available for all meals. There is a fridge and TV available in the mess hall for the common use of students.
  • Study hall for the use of students and round-the-clock internet facility.
  • Housekeeping staff for room cleaning.
  • Laundry facility (additional charges applicable)
  • Hot water facility.
  • Water purifier with RO technology.
  • 24 hours security personnel
  • Hostel subscription to two newspapers as well as individual newspaper subscriptions on request (additional charges applicable).
  • Parking area for vehicles.

Elected student representatives function for the welfare of residents of the hostel.


A place full of fresh fragrance

be it steaming coffee or sandalwood essence

A place where friendships start

over water-coolers cues or a passing warm smile

A place where the corridors echo with

tunes from guitar, sarod or regaling solos from nightingales

A place where politics, ambitions and relationships

are debated and discussed over the mess table

A place where the passages resound with

laughter and mirth of verve and vivacious women

A place where individuality is nourished

and femininity blossoms

A place where you can be the woman

you are…

and discover the women you want to be

Our beloved Cauvery!

A respite away from the cacophony of hospital

Anushree Bose

PhD Scholar

Kabini Hostel Complex

The hostel complex was Inaugurated on 18 Aug 2012

Eligibility: Accommodation in this hostel is for Post MBBS Resident Doctors and other medical doctors doing PhD or post-doctoral fellowships.

Facilities: Accommodation in this hostel is on a single occupancy basis.

All the rooms in this hostel have attached toilet and balcony.

This hostel has 6 floors (including ground floor) and each floor consists of 32 rooms. There are a total of 192 rooms; 160 rooms (Ground floor to 4th floor) are for Resident Doctors and 32 rooms on the 5th floor are used as guest rooms. Guest requests for availing these rooms may be submitted to the Public Relations Officer (PRO), NIMHANS.

Kabini Hostel (Old)

Eligibility: Accommodation in this hostel is for Post MBBS Resident Doctors.

Accommodation in the single occupancy rooms at Old Kabini hostel complex is for medical doctors who are not involved in clinical duties (e.g., PhD in non-clinical specialties) apart from others with clinical duties who do not get rooms in the New Kabini hostel complex.


This hostel has 3 floors (including ground floor) with 85 rooms consisting of 29 family rooms of varying sizes and 46 single occupancy rooms.

Men’s and Staff Hostels

The Men’s and Staff hostels are situated near the Administrative Block of NIMHANS.


Bonafide students of NIMHANS are eligible to seek admission to the Men’s and Staff hostels.

Research Staff including Senior Research Fellows, Junior Research Fellows and Research Officers working in projects approved by NIMHANS may be provided accommodation subject to availability and rules.

Male external trainees from other Universities/Colleges posted for short term training at NIMHANS as part of their curriculum/training may also be provided accommodation in Men’s Hostel subject to availability.

Accommodation in the Staff hostel is for Ph.D students and married students with spouse Parents, relatives, caretakers or children older than 10 years of age are not permitted to live in this hostel..

Guests may be accommodated for a maximum of 1 week after permission from the Warden and paying guest charges, as per the rules.


The Men’s Hostel: There are 81 single occupancy rooms as well as 18 cubicles and 4 dormitories.

The Staff Hostel: There are 45 single rooms and 29 family rooms