NIMHANS Gymkhana is a facility created for the social and physical wellbeing of the NIMHANS family viz., Staff, Students and their children. The administration of gymkhana rests with Director/Vice-Chancellor, NIMHANS as its President, and Registrar, NIMHANS as its Vice-President. The executive committee (EC) members are nominated by the Director/VC and have representations from all categories of Staff apart from student representatives as well as representation from the engineering section and public relation office. All activities are monitored by the Executive Committee headed by the Chairman who is also nominated by the Director from amongst the faculty at professorial level. 

The current EC is headed by Dr.P.Satishcahndra, Director/VC and Professor of Neurology as the President and Dr.V.Ravi, Registrar and Professor of Virology as Vice-President with the following personnel as the committee members;

Chairman: Dr. N. Shivashankar, Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology 

General Secretary: Sri .J. Shailendra Paul, Lab Technician, Department of Neuromicrobiology

Treasurer: Dr. Nanda Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurochemistry 

Members: Dr. Gowtham M.S., Dr. Sriganesh., Lt. Col. Dr. K.S. Rajmohan., Dr. Kiran B.R., Mr. M. Ramachandra., Ms. Pamela John., Mr. Yogesh., Mr. K. Ravindran., Mr. Bipin Chandra., Mr. S.K. Rajanna., Mr. Anand.K., Ms. Shruthi.S., Mr. Kailash Kumar Meena., Ms. Sara Shany T.J.

The formulation of NIMHANS Gymkhana was initiated by late Prof. Taranath Setty, Head of Neurochemistry when the Institute was accorded the status of a Deemed University. Hitherto it was functioning as Staff Recreation Club. With the formation, acceptance and implementation of bye-laws on 9th Feb, 1995, the Gymkhana was formally came in to existence with the purpose of providing recreational and sports facility to the students, Staff and their families.

The first Chairman was late Dr.Taranath Setty with the then Director/Vice Chancellor late Dr. S. M. Chennabasavanna as president and Registrar Mr. M. B. Dyaberi as its Vice-President.

The Gymkhana is housed in the Byrasandra campus of NIMHANS. The foundation stone for the building was laid on 08/04/1999 by Prof. M. GowriDevi the then Director/Vice Chancellor. The building was inaugurated by Mr. Prakash Padukone on 16th November 2000 in the presence of the President, Gymkhana; Dr.M.Gowri Devi, Director/Vice-chancellor, Vice President Gymkhana; Sri M.B. Dyaberi, KAS, Registrar and Chairman; Prof. T.R. Raju, Head of the department of Neurophysiology. It has a built in Area of 2,535 sq. mtrs. and a plinth area of 10,320 sq. mtrs.

In subsequent years Dr.D.Nagaraja, Professor of Neurology and Dr.S.K.Shankar, Professor of Neuropathology, the former Directors of NIMHANS as the Presidents of Gymkahana, Ms. Savithri KAS, former Registrar as the Vice-President and Dr.Shankara Narayana Rao, Additional Professor of Neurophysiology as Chairman. The General Secretaries were Mr. Ramachandra M, Mr. H.C. Ramana Gowda and Mr. Chandan Kumar. M.T.

Vision, Mission, Objectives

To provide an excellent state of the art place for the NIMHANS employees to promote their physical and social wellbeing


To create, foster and maintain friendly relationship among the staff and students of the NIMHANS as well as with other organisations through the medium of social, cultural, sports and other activities.
To provide recreational, social, and cultural amenities for the members of the Gymkhana.
To foster, encourage, sustain and co-ordinate sports, games, artistic talent, cultural, literary and other allied activities.
To provide an organisational platform and infrastructural facilities for regular practise of athletics, gymnastics, indoor and outdoor games.
To develop and harness musical, literary and artistic talents of members and to infuse a healthy competitive spirit in these among them.
To provide recreational touring, tele – viewing, screening of certified films, video cassettes, exchange of ideas on arts and games, musical audition and entertainment.
To honour meritorious children of members and to provide educational amenities to children of deserving categories of staff.
To execute all other acts which shall be deemed necessary to assist in and promotion of any or all the afore – mentioned objectives.

What we do

The NIMHANS Gymkhana provides excellent facilities for the promotion of physical health and social wellbeing. It harnesses the talents of the NIMHANS family. It conducts various sports and literary events for the Institute Day Celebrations and celebrates Children’s day. It hosts memorable events such as music concerts, dance and conducts the institute day. It organizes several other social and educational activities such as Go-green initiatives of the institute, tree planting, and summer camps for children etc.

It is a place where our people meet, take their children for playing in the children’s park, use the modern gym equipments to keep them fit, play in the badminton, basket ball and table tennis courts as well as chess and carom board, practice yoga and similar other fitness activities. It is also a place where staff can leave their children in the crèche under the able supervisions of teacher and attendants. It provides space for conducting religious functions and get-togethers in the community hall. This is the place where the staff and students showcasing their talents. Gymkhana is the place for hub of activities.

The Gymkhana has state of the art facilities and equipments for sports and physical activities as well as recreation.

Other activities of Gymkhana