Mental Health Education

The Department of Mental Health Education

The Department of Mental Health Education aims to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities through excellence in teaching, research, and service in the area of mental and neurological disorders. The Department, founded in 1987, is an integral part of the institute and actively involved in teaching, research and training activities in the field of health education.Over a period of time, the quality and nature of work has improved with advanced technology and digitalisation.With minimal resources in the past, the department has large research projects to its credit and developed collaborations with other clinical departments within the department and outside.  In the recent past, the department has strengthened its manpower development activities, augmented resources and equipment, and has been striving to providing quality work.

The Department provides intensive specialized training in the development of strategies ranging from an individual to systemic level that can assist individuals, communities, and societies in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

The focus of the Department of Mental Health Education is to prepare students, health care professionals, caregivers, and the community at large to promote health in individual and group settings, and among diverse populations using culturally appropriate health education methodologies. Its goal is to facilitate voluntary health-related behavioural and social change through the application of principles of behavioural and social sciences.