Mental Health Education - vision mission

Vision, Mission, Objectives


To promote health, prevent diseases/conditions, facilitate timely and informed care, and foster rehabilitation.


The mission of the Department is to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of health to promote healthier living. The goal is to promote health by supporting the learning, decision-making, and capacity of individuals, groups, and communities.


1) To develop scientifically accurate and culturally appropriate health education and training strategies and materials utilizing innovative communication technology.

2) To focus on research that has relevance to behavior and social change.

3) To contribute to the development of human resources to bring about behavior and social change, by

a) developing, planning, and implementing effective health education programs;

b) evaluating health education program effectiveness;

c) coordinating the provision of health education services;

d) acting as a resource person in health education; and communicating health/health education needs, concerns, and resources.