Statistics Neurological Rehabilitation


Statistics: for the last 3-years

New referrals in OPD9332101221137912769
Follow up in OPD1447128817282046
Admissions in ward228217187219
Neuromuscular Clinic419420498244
Occupational therapy services3407335439764413
Orthotic section services352394330389
Urodynamic study7111093107
Botox injection65799069
Intra/ Peri-articular injections110136152137

The following table shows the statistics of the work done in the department in past 7 years.

Statistics of clinical work (April 2007- March 2014)

 2007 – 20082008 – 20092009-20102010 – 20112011 – 20122012 – 20132013 – 2014
New referrals5220607058697048669896448281
Follow up6233084255625499331329
Admissions in ward181153154192170186223
Neuromuscular Clinic400450420600560275328
Physiotherapy services5293507254745904567961515922
Occupational therapy services1956226215362380228525172922
Orthotic section services017147399350414359
Urodynamic study5372557173
Botox injection>500