Our Partners WHO Collaborating Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Working with Partners

As road safety is a multi-factorial issue, a multi-sectoral response is the need of the hour.  The centre works actively with professional organizations, ministries of health, transport, police, urban development, local municipal bodies, education, media and infrastructure agencies at local, national and international levels to facilitate a larger multi-sectoral response to road safety.  Annual stakeholder consultations are organized by the Centre by bringing in professionals from various disciplines to jointly address road safety issues. 


The centre has worked very closely with  expert working group of the planning commission of the Government of India, National Human Rights Commission, Government of India: Expert committee’s set up by the Ministry of Health and Transport , National and State Crime records Bureau, Indian Council of Medical Research, Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, Karnataka road safety council; Bangalore city road safety council, expert committees of WHO, national and international academic partners and other international agencies, number of civil society groups within and outside India to promote road safety on a more scientific and systematic basis.


The CC also works closely with international organisations like WHO ( HQ, Regional offices, Country office’s , World Bank, DFID CDC, IRTAD and other agencies.WHO CC has also actively collaborated with Ministries of health in  Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Oman, SriLanka, Bangladesh and other countries to review injury information systems, road safety systems, assessment of injury burden and impact, developing framework for road safety, trauma care systems suicide prevention programmes and others and provided recommendations for scaling up programmes in the region.

The Centre collaborates with number of organizations at local, National and International levels. 

Local organizations

• Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, 
• Police department, 
• Transport department, 
• BruhutBangalore MahanagaraPalike, 
• Bangalore Road Safety Council, 
• Bangalore Agenda Task Force, 
• All major hospitals and medical colleges, 
• Different departments of the Government of Karnataka: Health, Education, Police, Road, Transport, Social Welfare; 
• Print and visual Media, 
• Census department,, 
• Confederation of Indian Industries, 
• City and State level NGOs; 
• Karnataka law commission

National organizations

• Different Departments of Government of India: Health, Transport; Home, 
• IIT-New Delhi, 
• ICMR, 
• National Crime Records Bureau, 
• Commission on Macro-Economics and Health, 
• National Human Rights Commissions; and 

International organizations

• WHO India Office, 
• WHO (HQ, regional and country offices and other collaborating centres) , 
• TRL, 
• World Bank, 
• London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 
• GRSP, 
• CDC and others.