Policy Inputs WHO Collaborating Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Policy inputs

The CC provides significant inputs on a continuous basis through data and evidence for strengthening road safety policies and programmes at national and international levels. Major policy inputs have been provided by the CC for improving road safety information systems, strengthening legislation for enforcement of behavioural risk factors like helmet, seat belt, drink driving, speeding, and distracted driving at national and state level, improving safety in highways, strengthening trauma care and rehabilitation of the injured.  Policy and programme inputs are provided to different state departments as well as to the national government to bring about effective policy reforms in road safety. The CC started its work with the development of Bengaluru agenda for road safety and expanded the same to several Indian states. Beginning with the work on Sunder committee, the CC has made continuous efforts to strengthen road safety in India. Support had been provided to many countries outside India to formulate, strengthen, implement, monitor and evaluate road safety policies and programmes.