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News & Events

  • MEG research centre at NIMHANS, Bangalore is the first MEG facility in India (operational since April 2013)
  • First MEG Workshop in India:
    First MEG workshop in India was held in NIMHANS during “Indo-American colloquium on drug resistant epilepsy”, where renowned professors like Prof. Nobukazu Nakasato, Prof. Sanjay P Singh and Dr. Sanjib Sinha had narrations which was published in Epigraph Volume 15 Issue 2, Fall 2013. To read more follow the link:
  • “Cerebrating technology”- about MEG technology and its benefits by Dr. P. Satishchandra published online in the magazine “The Week”. Follow the link to read more
  • Eminent researchers and Professors: Prof. Jerome Engel (from UCLA), Prof. Nobukazu Nakasato and epileptologists across India had visited MEG research centre during various periods.