FAQs magneto encephalography


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  •  What is MEG and what it finds in my brain? How does it help me? Who are the patients will be benefited?
    Please read or click the link “more about MEG”
  • What should I know before coming to the MEG scan?
    Kindly read the guidelines for subjects during MEG scan.
  • Will any part of the MEG testing hurt or dangerous or will you inject anything?
    The MEG scan is completely silent, safe, painless, and non-invasive procedure. It does not hurt at all. No injections will be given either prior or after scan. Neither external magnetic field is applied nor does it emit radiation.
  • Does someone should accompany me and whether he/she will be allowed with me during the scan?
    It is preferable to come with any bystander and they may be allowed inside your scan room (if required). You can also communicate with the doctor/ paramedical personnel during your scan.
  • Before coming to MEG scan should I take medicine?
    Please follow your treating doctor advice and kindly confirm with the MEG staff how medicine should be continued.
  •  What is the duration of the scan?
    It takes approximately less than three hours but may vary according to the co-operation of the subjects and nature of the illness.
  • Can I sleep during the scan?
    Yes, you can safely sleep during the scan but cognitive studies may require subject attention.
  • Do children, pregnant ladies and high risk patients with any systemic illness (heart disease, renal disorders, immune deficiency states etc.,) have any risk of undergoing this procedure?
    Anyone can undergo scan safely with no risk (Children-any age group, pregnant women, elderly and patients with any systemic disorders), but subjects should be co-operative.
  •  I am suffering from epilepsy and do I need to undergo MEG scan?
    Decisions are based on your treating Neurologist (NIMHANS/other). He suggests if you fall under any one of the categories mentioned in “more about MEG”
  • If my treating Neurologist advice MEG scan. How will I get done?
    If you are consulting outside NIMHANS and you (and your doctor) want only MEG scan to be done without any NIMHANS faculty consolation, it is possible. You need to first go to screening block in OPD counter, get yourself registered and they will provide you a unique hospital identity number (UHID) number after which MEG can be done in MEG research centre. But for this prior appointments had to be taken from MEG research centre via phone and mail. 

    If MEG is requested by NIMHANS doctor, doctor will raise a detailed online request after which appointment can be collected in the MEG research centre.
  • How do I collect my report of MEG scan?
    Patient reports can be collected after 2 weeks in MEG reception centre or it will be uploaded in NIMHANS e-hospital management system. For referred patients (outside NIMHANS) report will be mailed to referring physician after 2 weeks