Guidelines to be followed before MEG scan

Guidelines to be followed before MEG scan

  • Bring all medications you are taking, while coming for test.
  • For medications prior to test kindly decrease/continue strictly as advised by your doctor.  
  • Try to get 2 to 3 hours less sleep the night before MEG scan but DO NOT STAY UP ALL NIGHT.
  • You may eat breakfast, but please have NO CAFFEINE (coffee/cola/energy drinks).
  • Wearing comfortable clothe without metal components is appreciated. If you have metal on your clothing, you will be given a hospital gown to change.
  • Avoid make-up, while coming for scan, which can contain metallic ingredients that can produce the interference and the signal quality will be affected.
  • Remove any metallic objects such as metal buttons, belts, shoes, bras, keys, watches, coins, pins, hair barrettes, eyeglasses etc. prior entering into the MSR.
  • Also avoid carrying objects such as cell phones, cameras, flashlights or any other electrical equipment inside MSR.
  • Wear contact lenses if you have, instead of glasses.
  • Remove body piercing and other jewellery (hair holders, etc.).
  • Remove dentures or removable dental bridges, retainers, etc.
  • If you have tattoos that may contain metal dye, inform to the MEG technologist.

If you will be late or need to cancel your appointment or require further clarifications or queries or concerns about participating in an MEG study, contact Please do call your treating doctor or MEG research centre at 080-2699 5843/5844 on working days between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Following participants may not undergo MEG scan:

Person who has electrically, magnetically or mechanically activated implants (such as cardiac pacemakers, vagus nerve stimulator (VNS), deep brain stimulator (DBS)), or those with metal in their body (such as clips on blood vessels in their brain, steel pins from root canals, or other metal fragments, rod, pin, screw, etc.) and non-removable dental work such as braces, permanent retainer, bridge, etc. should have to inform to MEG technologist prior to MEG scan. Ideally, these candidates are not advisable for MEG scan because these devices will 

  • cause significant artefacts and interfere with MEG signal, and
  • possibly may cause damage to the superconducting sensors which could require expensive service repairs. However, persons with metal dental fillings may have an MEG. But, finally your treating doctor decides whether you may or may not undergo MEG scan.