Facilities: MEG


  • MEG: Elekta- Neuromag TRIUX 306 sensor probe unit is equipped with 102 triple (2 (x,y) planar gradiometers and 1 magnetometer (z)) sensor elements which are evenly distributed over the surface of the helmet that housed inside the liquid helium bath. The functional activity of brain is sampled independently at 306 configured channels. MEG is completely safe, non-invasive and provides reliable source localization which aiding in placement of intracranial electrodes.
  • Simultaneous EEG acquisition with 32, 64 and 128 channels EEG cap which are compatible with MEG. High density EEG measurement simultaneously with MEG offer various features such as comparison of the source localization obtained from EEG and MEG, recording the electric and magnetic activities of the brain, capturing the activity which may sometimes selectively sensitive to either of the techniques, etc.
  • Simultaneous EEG acquisition with standard 10-20 EEG (using golden plated electrodes) system
  • Accessories for evoked stimulus studies (auditory, visual, somatosensory and motor task). These can be used for performing cognitive studies and for the pre-surgical evaluation.
  • Sophisticated versatile software: DANA, CURRY and BESA. The software offers the scope for visualizing and processing of data, 3D mapping of head/brain, source localization and co-registration with MRI, CT, PET, etc.
  • Oxygen level monitor for monitoring the level of oxygen inside the magnetically shielded room (MSR) for the patient care to safeguard in case of suffocation.
  • Two video monitoring units equipped with two infra-red (IR) cameras, viewing in two different angles, fixed inside MSR allows the Operator/Technician to monitor the patient/subject movement and comfortable. The bi-directional communication system for the communication between patient/subject inside MSR and Operator/Technician outside MSR.  
  • Reclining chair and bed respectively used for recording MEG in sitting and supine position. Also, paediatric chair for recording paediatric MEG.