MEG Scans Charges

MEG scans charges

MEG is performed as a part of complete package where both MRI (limited sequences) will be done on the same day of MEG appointment in early morning (8-10 am) without any additional charges. Below mentioned charges is for MEG package (MEG scan +limited sequence MRI) applicable for the patients who are referred/treated within NIMHANS.

Category    Income per annum (in rupees)    Charges that will be collected
Below poverty line (BPL) card    0 – 19999    Rs.3000
Above Poverty Line (APL) 50%    20000 – 39999    Rs.6000
Above poverty line (APL) 100% &
Government employees.    Above 40000    Rs.12000

Patients referred for MEG from outside NIMHANS will be charged Rs.12000 and Rs.18000 respectively when they referred from Government hospitals and Private hospitals.