The Family Psychiatry Center

The Family Psychiatry Center

The services provided in the clinic:

  • The center provides inpatient and outpatient therapy services to couples and families referred from within and outside NIMHANS.
  • The center provides therapies to families with a member suffering from any psychiatric diagnosis, independent family issues, marital discord, sexual disorders, children and adolescents with conduct disorder, premarital counseling, and parenting skills and many more family related problems.
  • Sessions are also provided to individuals with relationship issues walking in to our center for relationship therapy.
Who will benefit?

The center provides help for different kinds of issues such as

  • Couples undergoing distress in their marital relationship.
  • Couples requiring help before getting married.
  • Parents with difficulties in managing their children.
  • Adults in a family experiencing interpersonal strain.
  • Families facing difficulty in dealing with psychiatric/neurologic illness in a member
  • Families requiring knowledge regarding the psychiatric/neurologic disorder in a member and ways of dealing with it.
How frequent are the sessions held?

Families seen at the center,

  • are admitted in the Family psychiatry center for observation round the clock and for daily sessions
  • are admitted in other Psychiatry and neurology wards and are provided with daily sessions at the center
  • are seen on an outpatient basis but seen regularly/daily if from outstation (accommodation to such families are provided at the rest homes if available)
  • are seen on a weekly basis regularly (if clients are based in and around Bangalore)
  • booster sessions are provided on a monthly basis for those who have already completed their therapy.
How to get an appointment?

The Center functions between 9 am to 4.30 pm every day. We are available from 9 am to 2 pm on other closed holidays. The center is closed on Sundays and other OPD holidays. Appointments can be fixed either in person by coming to the center or over phone by calling the contact numbers given below during working hours. Fresh intakes are however done only till 3.30 pm every working day.

Day and time

The center functions on weekdays between 9 am to 4.30 pm. We may not be able to give appointments during our academic programs between 12 to 1 pm, Mon to Fri, and on Thursday mornings.

Contact details 

Family Psychiatry Center

(Adjacent to Lakshmi Mittal Rest Home)

NIMHANS, Hosur Road,

Bangaore 560029

Landline: 080-26995328/ 26995327


Dr. Mathew Varghese

Senior Professor

Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Geetha Desai

Associate Professor

Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Santosh Loganathan

Associate Professor

Department of Psychiatry

Dr. R. Parthasarathy


Department of Psychiatric Social Work

Dr. Anisha Shah


Department of clinical psychology

Dr. AhalyaRaguram


Department of Clinical Psychology