• The De-addiction Centre at NIMHANS was established in 1991.
  • In 1998, the NIMHANS De-Addiction Centre was recognized as the Regional Centre for the Southern Region by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
  • A separate building was commissioned in 2002.
  • A separate facility for women with substance use was opened in 2014.
  • It has now expanded into a 80 bedded in-patient facility with 10 HDU beds.
  • A state of art “Toxicology lab”, “National Quit line for tobacco” and  “Virtual Knowledge Network-NDA ECHO Hub” are part of this building.
Our Services

The Centre for Addiction Medicine offers treatment services for persons with difficulties arising from the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs as well as behavioral addictions. The clinical services include out-patient consultations and inpatient treatment for substance use disorders: alcohol, nicotine (smoking and chewing tobacco), cannabis, opioids (including cough mixture and pain medicines) and other drugs; as well as for behavioural addictions (gambling, Internet, sexual addiction

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