Schizoprenia Clinic

Schizophrenia Clinic

The Schizophrenia Clinic involves a multidisciplinary team (faculty from psychiatry, psychiatric social work and clinical psychology) that focuses on delivering comprehensive clinical care for patients with schizophrenia through Individualized Schizophrenia Treatment and Re-integration (InSTAR) Program.

The patients will be offered individualized care through the InSTAR program that comprise of comprehensive clinical assessment, optimizing psychopharmacological treatments, psychosocial interventions including group therapy, cognitive therapy & other psychological interventions. Yoga-based intervention is one of the unique therapeutic approaches that is offered for suitable patients in this clinic. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is a novel therapeutic technique that is available through the schizophrenia clinic. Special cognitive therapies based on meta-cognitive approaches are offered in this clinic by faculty from clinical psychology. Family group therapy is offered for patients as well as their care givers by faculty from psychiatric social work. In addition, for early course schizophrenia patients, a specialized intervention approach namely – ORACLES – Objective Risk Assessment Care & Liaison for Early Schizophrenia – (ORACLES) is available in the schizophrenia clinic. ORACLES, which is a component of InSTAR Program, emphasizes on early intervention approaches, comprehensive delineation of course and prognosis, understanding the clinical markers of medication response, identifying the family members at risk for close monitoring and care, identification of prodromal symptoms and interventions to prevent psychosis conversion, initiating early rehabilitation strategies and specific psychological / psychosocial interventions. The Schizophrenia Clinic has liaison services with psychiatric rehabilitation services as well as with other psychiatry special clinical services of NIMHANS.

How does one get an appointment?

The Schizophrenia Clinic is a walk-in clinic where the patients can seek consultation directly as well as with referral letter from treating psychiatrist.

Day and time

Day: All working Wednesdays


Please report to Schizophrenia Clinic between 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM.

Registration for consultation closes at 11:00 AM.

No prior appointment is required. It is a walk-in clinic.

The clinic is busy and please be prepared to wait for your turn.

Location: Psychiatry Special Clinics Block, 1st Floor



Professor B.N. Gangadhar

Professor G. Venkatasubramanian

Professor Shivarama Varambally

Dr. Naren P. Rao

Dr. Vijaya Kumar

Psychiatric Social Work

Professor D. Muralidhar

Dr. Gobind Majhi

Clinical Psychology

Professor Devvarta Kumar