GCAT (Genetic Counselling and Testing) Clinic

GCAT (Genetic Counseling and Testing) Clinic

Services provided in the clinic

Counselling (pre and posttest) is provided for a number of late onset neuro-degenerative disorders, as well as testing.

Who will benefit?

Those individuals who are thought have the particular illness as per the opinion of the treating specialist (neurologist/psychiatrist).

How does one get an appointment?

A separate clinic (GCAT clinic) works on Saturdays in collaboration with faculty from Neurology, and other services. Primary work up, with a neurological or psychiatric evaluation, and details of what test the clinician(s) need is essential.

Day and time: Saturdays, 11am to 1 pm, by appointment

Contact details:

(080) 2699 5263


Dr Sanjeev Jain

Professor of Psychiatry

Dr. SenthilReddi

Asst. Prof of Psychiatry

Dr. MeeraPurushottam

Senior Scientific Officer

Dr. KavitaJangam

Asst. Prof. Psychiatric Social Work