Perinatal Psychiatric Clinic

Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic

At NIMHANS, we have a special interest in taking care of mothers with postpartum mental health problems and also supporting husbands and families of such mothers. We do specific assessments and give advice in an individualized manner, related to the clinical condition, mother infant care, safety, breastfeeding and medications. We also assess the infant for any health related problems and provide referral. There are facilities for psychotherapy and counseling in addition to medical treatment. We also give contraceptive advice and help in planning future pregnancies. We have both specialized outpatient and inpatient services for mothers with psychiatric problems and their infants

Services provided in the clinic:
  • Pre pregnancy counseling for women with psychiatric disorders
  • Handling accidental exposure to psychotropic medications
  • Psychiatric problems in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Postpartum psychiatric disorders -Mother Infant Bonding Assessments and Interventions
  • Lactation Problems related to psychiatric illness
  • Counseling for fathers and family members
Who will benefit?

PRE- PREGNANCY COUNSELING: For women with mental health problems who want to become pregnant.

  • Who are already pregnant and on psychiatric medications.
  • Who have concerns about a relapse in the postpartum.
  • With postpartum mental health problems like Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar illness, OCD or Psychosis.
  • With Mother-Infant bonding disorders and breastfeeding concerns.
How does one get an appointment?
  • Please come to the Perinatal Psychiatry Outpatient area at 9 am. If you have taken treatment from NIMHANS and if you already have a NIMHANS card; please bring it with you. This will enable us to retrieve your previous records.
  • If you have not been seen earlier at NIMHANS, please bring all your psychiatric, obstetrics and gynecology records.
  • You will be first evaluated by a resident doctor and subsequently by one of the consultants in the team.
  • The whole procedure may take about 2 hours so please plan accordingly.

 Day and time: Specialized Outpatient Services are available every Friday between 9 am and 2 pm.

Contact details :

Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic

First Floor New OPD Block

(Above NIMHANS Staff Clinic)


Friday Mornings – 9 AM to 2 PM

Phone – 080 – 26995547

For prior appointments, please call- 080 26995272/5251/5279



Dr. Prabha S Chandra

Dr. Geetha Desai

Dr. Harish T

Dr. VeenaSatyanarayana

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