Deaddiction OPD patient

Deaddiction OPD

Out-patient Clinic


Outpatient services include evaluation, treatment planning and counselling, to prevent relapse, individual and family counseling and monitoring of progress.. In the outpatient, each patient will be assessed by a team of addiction experts and individualized suggestions are provided.

  • Out-patient Days:  Monday – Thursday –  Saturday
  • Timings:  9.00 AM onwards (Registration closes at 11.30 AM)
  • Emergency consultations: 24 hours at the NIMHANS Emergency comple



On the first visit, clients will require to obtain a registration ticket [Rs. 20.00 (INR)] at the Screening block in the Outpatient Service Complex, between 8-30 am & 11-30 am before coming to the Out-patient Clinic.

In case you are carrying a referral letter from your treating physician you will be  asked to go directly to the Addiction Medicine Clinic after registration. Alternatively, you will be referred only after brief screening interview by the medical officer at the screening complex.

You would be evaluated and advised accordingly regarding management. If needed you would be advised inpatient treatment.   

  • Detailed assessment – initiating a medical record (opening a file) requires a one-time fee of Rs. 50.00
  • On each follow-up monitoring visit a nominal charge of Rs. 10.00 will be charged to cover file-handling


The Outpatient services are located in the “NIMHANS outpatient service” complex. This is next to Janata Bazar, and on the first floor of NIMHANS staff clinic and the Behavior Therapy Clinic. 

  • In the outpatient each individual is seen on same day and advised appropriately.
  • Apart from history, a detailed physical examination is a must and is carried out by qualified doctors.
  • In certain cases the urine is tested for drugs like opioid, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis etc.

Depending on the number of clients seeking services on the day, there may a  a variable waiting-time to be seen.