Child and Adolescent Psychiatry OPD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry OPD

OPD ServicesNew Patients (Registration)

If you wish to take consultation for your child at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services, NIMHANS you can come on any working day to the OPD – SCREENING block between 8 – 11 A.M. and get a screening slip (for Rs 20/-). Registration generally closes by 11 A.M. If you have a referral letter from your local doctor, obtain a screening slip from the referral counter. Please mention at the counter that you wish to meet a child psychiatrist following which you’ll be directly referred to the Senior Resident, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to G-13 in Main OPD ground floor. Depending upon the individual case requirements, the Senior Resident shall guide you further. You can also bring a copy of all evaluations and investigations done previously.

The OPD is generally crowded; so your patience will be earnestly sought and highly appreciated.

If you are coming only to take an outpatient consultation, plan for a minimum 3-4 days stay (excluding Sunday) as we may refer you to other departments such as Neurology/ Neuro-rehabilitation/ Speech pathology whichever is required. You will be referred back to your local psychiatrist after a plan of management is charted out.

If after initial evaluation we feel the child requires detailed observation/evaluation in the inpatient setting (IP), we might suggest a minimum of 2-3 week IP care. The need for admission will be decided on by our Consultants. If it is not feasible, we would advise you to come later for a planned admission and/or refer you to a psychiatrist in your hometown.

Old (Follow-up/Review) Patients

Any working Monday or Tuesday is a walk-in day for follow-up and review patients. But it is preferable to plan according to the particular follow-up days of the concerned consultant who continues to see your child. Registration time for follow-up/review patients is 8:30 – 11 A.M.

Following is the schedule of follow-up days for the Child Psychiatry consultants –

Dr. Shoba Srinath – all working Tuesdays & Fridays 
Dr. Satish Girimaji – all working Mondays & Thursdays 
Dr. Shekhar Seshadri – all working Thursdays & Fridays 
Dr. John Vijay Sagar – all working Mondays and Tuesdays

On Saturdays only those patients who are given prior appointment are seen. Regular follow-ups are seen on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday as per the schedule of consultants mentioned above. In case you have been asked to or you wish to come prepared for in-patient care (admission). The need for in-patient care shall be decided on by our consultants.

In case of further queries or in case you need an appointment of particular consultant, please send an email to or call our receptionist, Ms. Shakuntala, on +91-80-26995340 between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.

General Useful Information for OPD Services:

  • We serve on “first come first serve” basis so you may have to bear with the waiting time.
  • There may be a delay in seeing a child because of problems in matching the language.
  • All child and adolescent consultations do not take the same time.

Waiting in outpatient department can be long due to the above reasons. We can serve you better if you understand and cooperate. Families are advised to come with refreshments, water, books and toys to make the waiting period pleasant for the child. A detailed history is essential for an accurate understanding of child and adolescent issues. Subsequent therapy also involves detailed discussions with the family. Often it is difficult to communicate with families, as the team does not speak their language. It is preferable that families who do not speak Hindi, English or a south Indian language, bring along a person who can translate.

All children who come here are equally important for us.