Pathology Lab Services

Pathology Lab Services

The services of Histopathology and Electron microscopy are available as a referral facility for neurophysicians from outside NIMHANS also.

Histopathology Section

Histopathology section offers diagnostic interpretation of neoplastic and non-neoplastic tissue biopsies (brain/spinal cord/nerve/muscle) from patients with neurological disorders to assist the clinician in instituting appropriate treatment.

  • Special stains, tumour immunohistochemistry, muscle enzyme histochemistry, muscle immunohistochemistry are routinely employed as required.
  • Prognostic and predictive brain tumour markers like 1p19q co-deletion status and MGMT methylation status are provided by the Neuro-Oncology laboratory (Neurobiology research Centre) for state of the art patient care.
  • Tests are available for the detailed characterisation of uncommon muscular dystrophies, morphologically identifiable congenital myopathies and muscle respiratory enzyme abnormalities.
  • Auto immune investigation panels for systemic vasculitis (ANA, ANCA), neuromyelitis optica, paraneoplastic panels and auto immune encephalitis (NMDA, VGKC) are offered by the Neuromuscular Laboratory (Neurobiology research Centre).
  • Skin punch biopsy is a minimally invasive test offered for diagnosis of small fibre and autonomic neuropathies. It also provides prognostic information for follow up in therapeutic and drug trials.

Electron microscopy Section

Electron microscopy Section undertakes ultrastructural study of nervous tissues (muscle, nerve and brain) and skin for diagnosis of neurometabolic disorders (eg Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis), storage and mitochondrial diseases and ultrastructural pathology.

Transfusion Medicine Centre (TMC)

Transfusion Medicine Centre (TMC) is involved in collection, processing and issue of blood and its components for transfusion to patients of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. Therapeutic small and large volume plasmapheresis for immune mediated neuropathies and phlebotomy for polycythemia are routinely performed under the supervision of medical personnel. The TMC supports completely the transfusion requirements of Jayanagar General hospital, Bangalore and General Hospital Anekal. The services are also utilized by several other government/private hospitals in and around Bangalore.

Clinical Pathology & Hematology Section

Clinical Pathology & Hematology Section provides mainly clinical hematology tests including bone marrow examination. It also provides round the clock emergency service to cater to patient care.