Neurology OPD patient

Neurology OPD

“What are Neurological disorders”

A Neurological disorder is any disorder of the body nervous system affecting the brain, spinal cord or other nerves. Examples of symptoms include paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation, seizures (epilepsy, fits), confusion, headache, pain and altered levels of consciousness. 

First Visit to Neurology OPD

When patient comes for a neurology consultation, they are first seen by doctors in the screening block and then referred to appropriate specialty to neurology / neurosurgery / psychiatry. There are three lines in the OPD Screening block – the General line (Line 1), the Referral line (Line 2) and Online portal (Line 3). If you have a Referral letter, from a registered medical practitioner, hospital or a neurologist from NIMHANS (via email communication) you will be registered and you will be straight sent to the Neurologist.

Details of the Consultants in the OPDs

Neurology OPD Schedule:

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