Neuromicrobiology Lab Services patient

Neuromicrobiology Lab Services

Department of Neuromicrobiology

Department of Neuromicrobiology caters for routine diagnostic microbiology including bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity, fungal culture and serological tests such as CRP, ASO, VDRL etc. For routine Blood culture, specialized blood culture system BacT/Alert and FX40 is available. The identification is done through automated Vitek system. The department also provides special tests such as MGIT culture and Polymerases chain reaction for tuberculosis, Treponema Pallidum Hemaglutination Assay (TPHA) for confirmation of Treponema pallidum. Special Immunological tests provided include ANA (Anti- Nuclear test), Oligoclonal Antibody, Acetyl Choline receptor Antibodies etc. Cytospin examination of CSF samples is available as a special test, for detection of malignant, inflammatory cells and pathogenic microorganisms.

The department also provides Neurobrucellosis workup; investigations include CSF and blood culture for Brucella, and screening for Brucella antibodies.

The department has validated the reliability of tests by Quality control programmes (ILQA and EQAS), and currently pursuing NABL accreditation.

A detailed list of services is provided in the web link. The contact details are as follows
24 hour Clinical Microbiology (GJ Block) – 2699 5753
Routine Microbiology Laboartory (Main Lab) – 2699 5154