NIMHANS center for well being patient

Centre for well being

Growth and development 
Library and Information Center was started at the erstwhile All India Institute of Mental Health (AIIMH) in the year 1954, with an initial collection of 3775 volumes and subscription to 85 journals. The AIIMH and the erstwhile Mental Hospital of the Government of Karnataka were amalgamated to form NIMHANS in the year 1974.  

The Library and Information Centre shifted to its new building in the year 1990. The Centre was upgraded as a National Neuroscience Information Centre (NNIC) with generous contribution from Department of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology and National Informatics Centre. 

The main aim of NNIC is to mobilize, consolidate and give access to information resources in the field of Mental Health and Neurosciences. Creation of a national database in the field and access to international database through NICNET is part of the objective of NNIC. 

1954 – Starting of a Library 
1986 – NIMHANS Library recognized as a participating center in HELLIS Net working.
1990 – NIMHANS Library shifted to new independent building NIMHANS Library was renamed Library & Information Centre and it was upgraded to the status of  National Neuroscience Information Centre.
1991 – Established NIC-NIMHANS Information Centre: connected to NICNET.
1993 – NIC has provided e-mail facility and internet connectivity to NIMHANS