Clinical Psychology-pathways

Pathways for clients needing clinical psychology services


* Clients registered in different multidisciplinary units such as adult psychiatry are referred for clinical psychology services depending on the evaluation and assessment of needs.

** Based on the focus of the presenting issue, services can be availed at the Clinical Psychology Department units (Behavioural Medicine & Neuropsychology)   following registration at NIMHANS. Clinical psychology services can also be availed at the 8 Speciality clinics/services run by the department teams at NIMHANS Centre for Well-Being (NCWB)  , after screening and registration at NCWB. Each of these units and speciality clinics focus on different kinds of psychological issues/offer different kinds of services. Based on the initial preliminary evaluation, clients who need such services are seen under these respective units/clinics. Those needing a different kind of focus or service or an additional service may be referred to other units/clinics at the outset or at a later point of time, as and when required.