Clinical Psychology-key-domains

Key Domains of Work

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Teaching and Training: We currently offer two core programs:

Short-term coursesShort term courses with are also offered in specialized areas, in addition to training students from other departments and institutes.Further, brief training programs are conducted on various themes in the form of workshops/symposia for professionals & health workers in different settings for human resource development to enable provision of high quality psychological services/care.

Clinical Service: Thrust areas of service delivery are in psychological assessment, psychotherapy, other psychological interventions and outreach services.

Research: Faculty and doctoral scholars of the department are involved in conducting research in specialized areas of Clinical Psychology.

Consultation: Faculty members of the department provide consultation services as experts/ advisors to governmental, non-governmental and corporate organizations.

Community Engagement: The department conducts programs that focus on reaching out to the public and various target groups in the community to enhance public awareness and empower communities to deal with challenges to mental health and to maintain or enhance their well- being.