Overview Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neurotoxicology


Services offered:
Transcranial direct current stimulation for patients with refractory auditory hallucinations

The Department engages in research in the following fields:
1. Electroconvulsive therapy
2. Transcranial direct current stimulation
3. Modern medicinal drugs
4. Herbal psychotropic agents
The Department has completed more than a hundred animal and human studies in these fields.

Extra-mural research
The Department is open to collaboration with other departments and institutes. The Department also provides research guidance to other departments and institutes.

Courses conducted
The Department has a PhD program for students who have fellowships and who are selected through the NIMHANS Entrance Examination.

Internal training
The Department conducts training in psychopharmacology for students who are posted from other departments or institutes. The Department also offers facilities for external students to undergo research training (e.g. completion of a project) within the Department.

Extra-mural training
The Department accepts invitations to conduct lectures, seminars, workshops, and other educational programs in other departments and institutes.