Academic training Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neurotoxicology

Academic training

The Department has a PhD program that is supported by external fellowships.

The Department accepts students under posting from other departments at NIMHANS and from other institutes in the city and country. Such students may have the opportunity to do projects under the guidance of faculty members in the Department.

The Department also conducts lectures, seminars, workshops, and symposia across the country on subjects ranging from clinical psychopharmacology to brain stimulation to applied statistics and research methodology. The target audience comprises postgraduate students, academic psychiatrists, and practising psychiatrists. On average, the Department conducts about 50 such programs a year.

The Department produces a free e-newsletter on psychiatry and the related neurological, psychological, and medical sciences. This newsletter was started in the year 2001 and appears about 120-150 times a year; it is read across the globe. To receive this e-newsletter, send a blank email to and follow the instructions in the return email from

The Department also runs an e-Journal Club for postgraduate students in psychiatry and academic psychiatrists across the country. This journal club was started in the year 2014; it conducts about 150-175 activities per year. To enrol in eJCIndia, send a blank email to and follow the instructions in the return email from yahoogroups.

The research and training conducted by the Department and the achievements of the Department can be gleaned through a perusal of the individual pages of the faculty of the Department.