Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) is run by a multidisciplinary team comprising of professionals from Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatric Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing and vocational instructors (for training persons with psychiatric disabilities and families in various vocations). The team actively liaises with both governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve lives of persons with psychiatric disabilities.

Services are provided in OPD, day-care and inpatient settings. Our clients are encouraged to choose activities of their choice from a range of 15 vocational sections, arts, dance, yoga and recreational activities. Nominal incentives are provided as reinforcement for day boarders attending PRS. Free Bus facility (limited route) is available for clients attending day-care services.

‘Caregivers education and support programme workshops’ (supported by Dr RN Moorthy foundation for mental health and neurosciences) and ‘Sanjeevani Vedike’ caregivers are regularly held. Clients and family members participate in biweekly arts classes and monthly family recreation sessions.

Apart from clinical services, the centre is at the forefront of advocacy, training and research in psychiatric rehabilitation in the country. Students from various parts of the country are posted for gaining psychiatric rehabilitation acumen in our centre. PRS team recently conducted a ‘National conference on services and research in psychiatric rehabilitation: focus on recovery’ in March 2014. ‘Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Mental Health’: an international journal from Springer has been launched this year. The editorial office is in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, NIMHANS.

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