What We Do psychiatric rehabilitation

What We Do

Clinical Services:

We provide multidisciplinary interventions geared to help clients and their families overcome difficulties related to:

  • Maintaining a regular and active life style
  • Activities of daily living & Instrumental activities
  • Problem behaviours
  • Socializing with others
  • Regaining self-confidence and initiative
  • Vocational counselling and training
  • Resuming work or studies
  • Availing disability benefits

The interventions promote reintegration of clients with mainstream society and we strive to improve quality of life for persons/families with psychiatric disorders.

Multidisciplinary rounds are conducted for clients. Administrative meetings of PRS team members are regularly held every month. Other clinical and administrative activities of PRS are as follows: administrative rounds of various vocational sections of the PRS; visits to other rehabilitation centers of the city and the state; networking with them in order to exchange ideas and improve our services.

The team is actively involved in developing human resources in psychiatric rehabilitation by conducting periodic workshops and training programs. Fellowship courses and PhD in Mental Health Rehabilitation have been initiated since 2014. Resource materials are being developed continuously. Research relevant to felt needs is being pursued. 

The centre provides rehabilitation services in various settings: Daycare, inpatient, OPD and referrals from psychiatry inpatient units. A range of 15 vocational sections, arts and recreation facilities are available for clients to choose from. Nominal incentives are provided for clients attending daycare. The team is also pursuing funded and unfunded research projects. Academic programmes for students posted in psychiatric rehabilitation services are being continuously innovated and enhanced.

Vocational Training Course for Persons with Psychiatric disabilities at Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Bakery, Tailoring, Printing, Candle making & plastic moulding were held between 2014-15, and 12 patients completed the course. Fees would be waived off for BPL patients. A stipend of Rupees 1000 per month was paid to them. 

Advocacy and Awareness Generation activities:

  • PRS have been functioning of invited members of the following subcommittees for framing rules for the RPWD Act: Forming central rules, Forming rules for High-Support Needs for Persons with Disability, Identification of jobs to be reserved for different categories of disabilities with Government of India and Government of Karnataka and in forming state rules.
  • NIMHANS has close collaboration with the Children’s Home for Mentally Challenged, under the Department of Women and Child, Govt of Karnataka and has 10 children attending PRS services. Out of these 2 persons with IDD have been re-united with families in Sitamarhi, Bihar and Kollam, Kerala by liaising with police, NGO’s and mental health professionals in the respective states. These children have also participated in Bangalore rehabilitation cricket league in 2016 as well as 2017 (conducted by MPA).
  • Aadhaar Enrollment: 21 chronic inpatients have been enrolled in aadhaar through camp conducted in the pavilions on 06/04/2017. Efforts are underway for opening bank accounts and facilitating disability pension/ health insurance and other welfare benefits for them.
  • Working with Seva-in action for enhancing the functioning of NIMHANS Information centre for PwD.
  • Networking and Liaison with various NGO’s working in the field of rehabilitation and empowerment of persons with mental illness related disabilities.
  • Exhibition and sale of products from vocational sections, PRS as a part of Ganesha festival in L& T South city, Bangalore- 560076 on 15th September 2013, on 29th November, 2013. Venue: Kochhan Institute, Sivan Chetty Gardens, Bangalore and at Infosys campus on 16th October 2017.
  • Forming Sensitization programmes and e-group of Volunteers who are willing to donate time for PRS related activities like patient recreation. Till date 6 such programme has been conducted and a total of 200 volunteers have been inducted.

Community Based Rehabilitation:

Community Based projects for serving persons with mental disability in the community are being conducted in three districts in Karnataka by faculty of PRS.