Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Services provided in the clinic

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) provides Recovery Oriented Services (ROSeS) in Outpatient, daycare and inpatient settings. A range of vocational sections (Bamboo, candle, bakery, printing, mat weaving, tailoring, computer, plastic moulding, weaving, leather, craft, horticulture, domestic skills, recreation) arts and recreation activities are available to choose from. Multidisciplinary interventions are provided by professionals from Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, psychiatric social work, nursing and vocational instructors. The PRS team will work with treating team for rehabilitation.

Who will benefit?

Persons having difficulty in achieving their life goals due to psychiatric disorder can benefit from PRS referral. People are referred to PRS for various reasons including keeping oneself engaged, have a productive daily schedule, promote / develop good work habits, rehabilitation counselling, assessing vocational potential/aptitude, vocational training, training to improve memory & concentration, training to improve socialization, exercise, leisure activity and recreation.

How does one get an appointment?

Kindly discuss with your doctor if referral to PRS is appropriate for your dear one.

At the time of referral, the purpose of referral, constraints and expectation from PRS team are mentioned to help us understand about the patient to provide tailor made interventions.

Day and time

SERVICE (Psychiatric Rehabilitation OPD) runs on Wednesday between 10 AM to 1 PM.

Out-patients can be referred to room MH-40, on first floor of Psychiatry Outpatient Department (OPD), from 10 AM – 2 PM on all working days. Else, patients can also be referred directly to PRS, DPNR building, Nurses’ station at ground floor

Inpatients hospitalized under psychiatry can be referred to PRS, DPNR building, Nursing station at ground floor from 9 AM to 4.30 PM on all working days with ‘PRS referral form for inpatients’ and patient’s file.

Contact details 

In case of any difficulty or for further information, PRS can be contacted on 080-26995289 (Nursing station, PRS).

Email us at:


Dr SK Chaturvedi: Professor of Psychiatry

DrJagadishaThirthalli: Additional Professor of Psychiatry

DrGeetha Desai: Associate Professor of Psychiatry

DrDevvarta Kumar: Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

DrPoornimaBhola: Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

Dr BP Nirmala: Associate Professor of Psychiatric Social Work

DrSailaxmi Gandhi: Assistant Professor of Nursing

Dr C Naveen Kumar: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dr T Sivakumar: Assistant Professor of Psychiatric & Neurological Rehabilitation