Pediatric Neurology Clinic

Pediatric Neurology Clinic

Pediatric Neurology Subspecialty

Department of Neurology, NIMHANS


When : 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, except on Out-patient department (OPD) holidays

Time : 12 pm onwards

Place : First Floor, Specialty Clinic OPD

Limit : 25 patients

How to reach the clinic:

Step 1: Make a screening slip at the screening block (tell that you would like to consult pediatric neurologist)

Step 2: Visit first floor, Specialty Clinic Block and deposit your slip in the counter


This is a specialty clinic where we see infants, children and adolescents (<18 years) with neurological problems. The conditions which will be dealt include,

ü  Neurodevelopmental disorders (Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Autism, ADHD)

ü  Neurometabolic and mitochondrial disorders

ü  Pediatric epilepsies

ü  Neurodegenerative disorders (leukoencephalopathies),

ü  Storage disorders

ü  Movement disorders

ü  Neuromuscular disorders

ü  Immune mediated disorders


We provide:

ü  Detailed clinical evaluation by pediatric neurologists

ü  Counselling the parents regarding the diagnosis, prognosis and available therapeutic options

ü  Genetic counselling for prenatal diagnosis

ü  Rehabilitation services


ü  Dr. Raghavendra K.

ü  Dr. Hansashree P.

Also available

ü  Dr. Raghavendra K.

·          F1 Neurology OPD – Friday

·         F2 Neurology OPD – Monday

ü  Dr. Hansashree P.

·         F1 Neurology OPD – Tuesday

·         F2 Neurology OPD – Saturday

How to contact us:

You can send an e-mail to

Dr Raghavendra

Dr Hansashree P: