Cognitive Disorders Clinic

Cognitive Disorders Clinic

Cognitive Neurology Subspecialty

Department of Neurology


When:              3rd Thursdays, except on declared holidays.
Time:               2.00pm to 4.30pm
Place:              NIMHANS Out-patient Department (1st Floor in OPD Building)


This is a speciality clinic for adult patients with disorders of memory, language and other cognitive problems.

Who do we see   

  • Dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, Corticobasal degeneration, Progressive supranuclear palsy and other degenerative diseases of the brain with memory or cognitive problems
  • Dementia due to Stroke (Vascular Dementia), infections of the brain, nutritional deficiencies causing memory loss, autoimmune disorders of the brain, normal pressure hydrocephalus and other brain diseases that cause memory or other cognitive problems
  • Persons concerned about their mild memory problems

Typical problems faced by persons with cognitive impairment due to brain disease

The clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatment of these conditions

We provide:

  • Clinical evaluation by cognitive and behavioural neurologists well experienced in cognitive disorders
  • Investigations including high resolution MRI scans, PET scans, electrophysiology, Serum and CSF biomarker studies, screening for reversible dementias
  • Medical treatment of patients on an out-patient basis or short-term hospital admission
  • Referral to linked specialized services at NIMHANS , which include geriatric psychiatry, Stroke clinic, Movement disorder services, neuropsychology, psychiatry social work, speech and language specialist, gait and balance training and neurorehabilitation
  • Genetic tests and counselling.
  • Caregiver education and counselling to reduce stress and improve outcome


The Memory clinic also focusses on conducting meaningful research to aid early diagnosis in people from different sociocultural, linguistic and geographic backgrounds

Research activities also focus on identifying complex and rare causes of dementia

The focus on preventing dementia is a major thrust and identifying novel protective factors in the Indian context like bilingualism, education, complex skill building like craft, social engagement, physical exercise.

Brain Computer Interface is a novel emerging research area which we are interested to explore as well.

The team


  • Dr. Suvarna Alladi
  • Dr. Mathuranath PS
  • Dr. Subasree R 
  • Dr Faheem Arshad

How to Contact Us: 

You can send an e-mail to 

Prof. Suvarna :,

Dr R Subasree :

stating your name and a few lines about your problem and requirement, for getting an appointment in this clinic. A referral letter from your primary physician will be helpful