Clinical Services neurology

Clinical Services

  • Offers outpatient (6 days a week), inpatient, follow-up clinics and 24 hours emergency services. Please see [Neurology OPD Schedule]
  • Inpatient has 111 bed strength, which includes – male and female wards, pediatric ward, special ward, stroke ward, stepdown ward and neuroinfection ward.
  • In addition, there are eight deluxe rooms (shared by Neurology and Neurosurgery departments) and 60 beds for emergency care and short stay in the casualty services.
  • Works closely with Neuropathology, Neurochemistry, Microbiology, Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery and all other departments in addressing various diagnostic and therapeutic problems.
  • Neuro-rehabilitation services is extended in collaboration with physical medicine and rehabilitation department, which includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and vocational guidance.
  • Special outpatient clinics are available for:

    – Neuromuscular disorders

    – Movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease

    – Epilepsy 

    – Wilson’s Disease

    – Headache clinic

    – Stroke clinic

    – Cognitive Disorders Clinic

    – Multiple sclerosis & Neuromyelitis Optica Clinic

    – Neuropathy Clinic

  • Special Stroke unit for providing state of the art, investigative and treatment facilities.
  • Intensive care unit with all modern facilities.
  • Neuroinfection ward for providing acute care and management in neuroinfections.