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About Us

The Department of Nursing is one of the premier departments at NIMHANS. The Department provides exemplary, comprehensive and holistic nursing care services which are multi-pronged in nature, aiming at preventive, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative components of neurological and psychiatric care in the hospital and community, places the department at the helm of nursing services, both nationally and internationally. The Faculty and Staff of the Department demonstrate strong commitment, efficiency and dynamic leadership in clinical, academic and research arenas. The services, education, man power training and research activities of the department are on par with the latest developments in the field of Neuroscience and Psychiatric Nursing.

The Department of Nursing at NIMHANS empowers nurses from India as well as other countries with competencies to provide standard nursing care in the super-specialties of Neuro Science and Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. These services include: emergency and casualty, patient, inpatient, critical care, infection control, Satellite Clinics, rehabilitation, community outreach (rural and urban). Quality assurance is ensured through the use of Standard Operating Procedures and regular monitoring through Nursing Audit and outcome research.

The Faculty Members are also involved in providing quality education to students enrolled in various courses in the Department: a) Post-basic Diploma in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing b) Post-basic Diploma in Neuroscience Nursing c) B.Sc. Nursing d) Master of Science in
Psychiatric Nursing e) Ph.D. in Nursing. At all levels, the students are trained to apply theory in the clinical scenario using critical thinking, problem solving and decision making abilities. In the research arena, the Faculty Members are engaged in projects relevant to their interests, and are regularly involved in delivering Guest Lectures, keynote addresses, and scientific presentations at various regional, national and international conferences and workshops. The Department of Nursing also provides consultative services for organizing neuro/psychiatric nursing care services and educational program in various parts of the country as well as within NIMHANS through multi-disciplinary team approach.