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Patient information

It is of prime importance to us that patient requiring investigations gets it done as early as possible.

There is no requirement for an early appointment in case of X rays and CT scans.

All in patient imaging is done as first come first serve basis. There is no requirement for appointment for any of the investigations.

Outpatients who requires MRI,DSA or SPECT requires prior appointment. Appointment has to be taken from Radiology Reception, Room number G-21 (Ph: 2699 5746) in the Neurocentre on producing the imaging investigations request.

The images will be sent to PACS system as soon as the billing requirements are satisfied

Reports of all investigations will be entered by treating doctors on file after discussion with the Radiology team in case of ambiguity.

Computer generated reports of all investigations will be available from the Radiology Front desk on request.

The detailed procedure in taking an appointment is detailed below.

Patient information Brochures