Workshops / Training Programs psychiatric social work

Calendar of events for the year 2020

Sl. No. Title Coordinator
01 Workshop on Cultural Perspectives In Mental Health Practices for Inter-national practitioners of mental health Dr. Bino Thomas
02 Workshop on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Dr. Bino Thomas
03 Workshop on  psychosocial competencies for School Teachers Dr. Aravind Raj, E.
04 Workshop on Psychosocial Disaster Preparedness Dr. Aravind Raj E
05 Workshop for Well Being Volunteers Dr. Aravind Raj E
06 Workshop on adolescent wellness program Dr. Aravind Raj E
07 Workshop on Stress Management Dr. Aravind Raj E
08 Promotive mental health and life skills training Dr. Vranda M.N
09 Psycho social care and support for women with intimate partner violence Dr. Vranda M.N
10 Psychological first aid for the victim of cyber bullying Dr. Vranda M.N.
11 Symposium on Dance therapy for persons with mental health issues Dr. Aarti Jagannathan
12 National Conference on Dance movement therapy Dr. Aarti Jagannathan
13 Workshop on strength based perspective Dr. Aarti Jagannathan
14 Training program for social workers on Psychosocial issues of substance use disorders and its management Dr. Shreedevi A U
15 Awareness program on substance use disorders and its implication for PUC students in South Canara Dist. Dr. Shreedevi A U
16 VKN – online Awareness program on substance use disorder for Social workers across India. Dr. Shreedevi A U
17 Developing Training manual on Psychosocial issues of substance use disorders and its management Dr. Shreedevi A U
18 NDA program for Social workers on Community Mental Health (On Going) Dr. Shreedevi A U
19 Workshop on Scope for Establishing a Centre for Children with Special Needs within a Regular School Dr.Shanivaram Reddy.K
20 Workshop on Psychiatric disability and management Dr.Shanivaram Reddy.K
21 Workshop on  Mental Health Care Act -2017 for Caregivers of Persons with Mental Illness Dr. Shanivaram Reddy
22 Symposium on Spirituality and Mental Health Dr.R.D.S.Pandian
23 Current trends of mental health for professional social workers working in medical/clinical settings   Dr.R.D.S.Pandian
24 Workshop on Qualitative Research Methodology and Psychosocial Interventions. Dr. E.Sinu
25 Awareness Training Programme on Substance Abuse, Impacts and Treatment for Private Call Taxi Drivers” Dr.L.Ponnuchamy