About the Department psychiatric social work

About the Department

Department of Psychiatric Social Work was started as a part of Department of Psychiatry in the year 1963. It became an independent department in 1976. Two year Post Graduate Diploma in Psychiatric Social Work (DPSW) was introduced in the year 1968. In 1978, nomenclature of the Course was changed to M.Phil (Psychiatric Social Work). Subsequently Ph.D. Programme was introduced. The department has been the member of International Association of Schools of Social Work (AISSW) and Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education.

Department has recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee year in January 2019 along with hosting 37th Annual National Conference of  Indian society of Professional Social Work


  • Promotion of psychosocial wellbeing of individuals, families and communities


  • To provide the best possible psychosocial services for the persons affected with psychiatric, neurological and neuro surgical problems by involving the inherent potentials in the clients, families and communities.
  • To offer advanced level of teaching and training in psychiatric social work.
  • To undertake socially relevant and culturally appropriate researches to help understand, assess and develop cost effective psychosocial intervention strategies.
  • To enrich the collaboration and cooperation with Schools of Social Work/Post Graduate Department of Social Work and other Governmental and Non-governmental organisations related to health, education, welfare and developmental Institutions.
  • To formulate appropriate policies involving psychiatric social work ingredients for the promotion of mental health, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health problems.


  • Provision of Psychiatric Social Work (PSW) Services for families and person with mental, neurological and neurosurgical problems.
  • Develop trained manpower in PSW to carry out psychosocial research in the field of mental health and neuro sciences
  • Evolve, formulate policies and guidelines in the area of psychosocial care and support in varied social issues