Neurochemistry - Services


Clinical Biochemistry Unit (CBU) of the department located in the first floor of Ashwini block, provides round-the-clock diagnostic services. The CBU is equipped with state-of-the-art auto-analyzers for complete analysis of blood, urine and CSF samples from both in-patient and out-patient services of the Institute. Further, the laboratory conducts special assays for therapeutic drug monitoring, osmolality, estimation of hormones, vitamins, enzyme assays etc. The CBU receives bar-coded samples with e-request. After samples are analyzed, the reports are uploaded from the LIS to the Hospital Information System (HIS).

The Metabolic Lab housed in the Neurobiology Research Centre offers tandem mass spectrometry-based screening for identification of inborn errors of metabolism. Dried blood spots collected on filter paper (S & S 903) are received from NIMHANS as well as outside referrals. From these samples, 42 analytes including 10 amino acids, free carnitine and 31 acyl carnitines are measured. Based on the characteristic profiles, inborn errors of amino acid metabolism, fatty acid oxidation defects and organic acidemias are identified.

  • NABL accreditation certificate- English (PDF attachment)
  • Certificate issued by CDC, Atlanta, USA, for participation in the External Quality Assurance Programme for laboratory testing by tandem mass spectrometry (PDF attachment)
  • Screening for IEM by tandem mass spectrometry – Instructions for sample collection (PDF attachment)
  • Screening for IEM by tandem mass spectrometry -Request form-Asymptomatic newborns (PDF attachment)
  • Screening for IEM by tandem mass spectrometry -Request form-Symptomatic patients (PDF attachment)
  • CSF 14-3-3 test – Instructions for sample submission and request form (PDF attachment)