Public Education, Policy & Advocacy

Public Education, Policy & Advocacy

The Department of Integrative Medicine of NIMHANS aims to follow the long standing tradition of NIMHANS of involvement in extra-mural activities, and believes in sharing knowledge and expertise and partnering / collaborating with agencies and institutions that share common concerns in promotive and curative aspects of neuropsychiatric health.

The department proposes this nature of involvement can be – one-time activity to intermittent to sustained and long-term collaboration / partnership.

Nature of activities / involvement (advocacy, policy, training and public education)

  • Development of Policy, Programmes and Guidelines (Advisory on Tele-yoga services, 2020)
  • Programme implementation by partnership /collaboration (5 minutes yoga at workplace, 2020)
  • Evaluation of different programmes
  • Capacity building through orientation/sensitization workshops, staff training programs, resource persons for training programs, and TOT workshops (Certificate course – Yoga for mental health for AYUSH professionals)
  • As resource persons for the activities of agencies /organizations
  • Public education through lectures and talks to various target groups such as students, professionals, teachers, general public etc.
  • Public education through print and electronic media (popular press, books, monographs, radio talks, phone-in programs etc.)
  • Publications in professional and popular press in the forms of books, pamphlets, newsletters, chapters in books, and other forms of publications.
  • Office bearers, committee members, etc. for professional bodies

Ongoing public-outreach programs:

The Department of Integrative Medicine has started following programs in view of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Both these programs are freely available for the common public.

  • Tele-yoga for well-being: The department conducts two tele-yoga sessions (7AM and 4:30PM) for overall well-being, Monday to Friday (except government holidays). Both these sessions are open to the common public.
  • Ayurveda for well-being during COVID-19 – A series of tele-sessions on dietary, behavioral and lifestyle modifications to improve immunity and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic on every working Saturday at 4:30PM. These sessions are conducted by the ayurveda experts from the department as well as other institutions.

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