Clinical Neuroscienes-Services


The research residents of the department are provided advanced and extensive clinical training in their chosen area of subspecialty of the Clinical Neurosciences. As part of their curriculum and duty, they provide regular clinical services in various areas e.g. Epilepsy, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Mitochondrial disorders, Addiction Medicine, Brain trauma etc. in the form of evaluating and managing patients at both the out-patient and inpatients levels.

There are currently 23 research residents in the department .They get advanced clinical training in their respective subspecialty and simultaneously provide regular clinical services as part of their curriculum and duty to the patients in the various clinical departments. For example:

Three students: Epilepsy, Refractory epilepsy clinic and Video-EEG 

Two students each in Dementia and Geriatric clinic, Movement Disorders, Addiction Medicine, Neurotrauma and Mitochondrial Disorders and Child and Adolescent psychiatry

One student each in Neuro-oncology, Sleep Medicine and Schizophrenia

Rests of the students are currently undergoing clinical rotations in the first year and about to join various fields according to their preferences.