Clinical Neuroscienes-Overview


The Department of Clinical Neurosciences is a unique department in itself as it is an amalgamation of various other departments of the institute. The faculties of this department are from the diverse field of neuro-psychiatric specialties, as do the research residents. The faculties and the research residents play an active role in the various clinical activities (OPDs, wards, clinical rounds etc.) in their respective area of interests. In addition, depending on their research interests, they perform hard-core lab work in various fields of basic sciences e.g. molecular genetics, proteomics, image processing, neurochemistry, cell biology etc. in various labs spanning both in NIMHANS and institutes in and around Bangalore. Further, maintaining high academic competency in the mind, the department has an extensive academic schedule, where students give presentations in the form of Golgi-Cajal Talks, journal clubs and seminars on current clinical neuroscience topics on the weekly basis.