Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

1.     Dr.  Vivek Benegal

        Professor and Head


2. Dr.Subhasis Bhadra
       Professor of PSW

3.     Dr. C. Naveen Kumar

         Professor of Psychiatry

          Adjunct Faculty 

4.     Dr. Roopesh B. N.

         Additional Professor of Clinical Psychology

         Adjunct Faculty

5.     Dr. Jayakumar C.

          Additional Professor of PSW

6.     Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manikappa

         Associate Professor of PSW

7.     Dr. Ajay Goyal

         Assistant Professor of CP 

8.     Dr. Dinakaran D.

         Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 

9.     Dr.Ateev Chandna

         Senior Resident in Psychiatry

10. Ms.Lipika Pradhan

      Clinical Psychologist