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Neurobiology Research Centre (NRC)

Central facilities

  • Human Brain Tissue repository (Human Brain Bank)
  • Neuropathology Brain Museum
  • Central facility for Millipore Water Purification system, Liquid nitrogen and Waste Disposal
  • Centre for Advanced Research for Innovation in Mental Health and Neurosciences – Funded by Department of Health Research (DHR), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India and Indian Council of Medical Research( ICMR-2014).

Research laboratories (common facilities)

  • Translational Psychiatry Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Dr. G. Venkatasubramanian)
  • Multi-modal Brain Image Analysis Laboratory (MBIAL) (Officer In-charge: Dr. John P. John)
  • Advanced Flow Cytometry Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof.Ravi V)
  • Metabolic laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. Rita Christopher)
  • Neuro-Oncology Laboratory (Officer In charge: Prof. Vani Santosh)
  • Molecular Biology Laboratories-communicable and non-communicable(Officer In-charge: Prof. Ravi V)
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. Sanjeev Jain)
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory (Officer In Charge: Dr Keshav Prasad, Dr SK Shankar)
  • Cell Culture and Stem Cell Biology (Officer In-charge: Prof. T.R. Raju)
  • Electrophysiology laboratory (Officer In-charge: Dr. BS Shankarnarayan Rao)
  • Optical Imaging Laboratory (Officer In-charge : Prof. Preeti Joshi)
  • Neuromuscular laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. A.B. Taly)
  • Neurotoxicology laboratory (Officer In-charge: Dr. Srinivas Bharath)
  • Music Cognition Laboratory (Officer In-charge:Dr. Shantala Hegde )