Patient care Services NIIR

Plain Radiography Services

One CR, Two DR’s and several portable systems for radiography.

Computed Tomography

CT scanners with multiplanar reconstruction, CT Angiography, Multi slice CT Perfusion and low dose CT functionalities are available round the clock 365 days a year catering to the emergency needs of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry departments.


Two USG machines which includes state of art equipment for neuromuscular and vascular sonography.

Supportive Imaging services are also provided in the Stereotactic radiotherapy unit, Portable CT unit and Intra-operative angiogram

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and multimodality imaging .

In the last decade, in tune with the technological advancements in the field the department has made headway from structure to functional neuro imaging with routine use of sequences like diffusion, diffusion tensor imaging, Proton and phosphorus spectroscopy, MR angiogram, MR venography, T1 T2* and ASL MR Perfusion and BOLD imaging thus capture the clinical spectrum effectively.Integration of MRI with PET has allowed us in understanding the molecular basis of diseases. This is used in accurate localization of epilepsy, in neurodegenerative disorders, neurooncology, assessment of unknown primary and for autoimmune workup.Intra operative MRI for function preserving neurosurgery and navigation guided neurosurgery is the latest addition in our services armamentarium.The multimodality imaging includes EEG -fMRI , intraoperative MRI and MRPET services

Venturing into Molecular Imaging has been the recent venture of the department. Molecular imaging makes us image the fundamental molecular pathways invivo using state of art imaging modalities, like MRI, CT- SPECT , MR -PET.